Monday, January 17, 2011

The first post of my new blog

Hello. My name is Dave and this (trumpet fanfare: da-dada-daaaa) is the first post of my new blog. For the past few years I've had a blog over on MySpace, but I figured that I'd better find a new venue, considering the following factors: (a.) the mass exodus from MySpace to Facebook that's been going on over the past couple of years will soon be complete, leaving MySpace a complete and utter ghost town; (b.) every time I do log on to MySpace I find that everything has, once again, been changed, rearranged and screwed up in a bizarre rush to make it even lamer and less user-friendly than Facebook; (c) what with no users and everything suckin' I really won't be surprised to see the once fabulous MySpace completely disappear some day soon --- sinking beneath the seas and into legend like the lost continent of Atlantis.

It really is a pity, and it's a mystery to me. MySpace was seriously fantastic for a few years there. Why everybody decided that they preferred boring, oppressive ol' Facebook is simply bizarre to me. But I won't go off on a rant about that. That's old news. Onward now! Onward with my new blog, which I have decided to, as you can see, entitle "Throwing the ball to Naturally".

So what do I blog about? Well, let me try to compile at least a partial list of topics that I'm sure I'll be writing about:

1. Earthquakes: Every time I feel an earthquake here in southern California I'll post a little bit about where I was, how long it lasted, how strong it felt, what sort of damage there was, etcetera. HOPEFULLY, none of my earthquake posts will contain much drama.

2. OPOE's: Every time the "Oldest Person On Earth" dies, a new "Oldest Person On Earth" is crowned, and I'll be posting about it here. I am inexplicably fascinated by the passage of time, and the way that whole generations pass away and are replaced by new ones. Do you realize that as each OPOE dies their "living memories" pass away into the realm of "history". Bit by bit "living memory" is passing away into "history". Fascinating, ain't it?

3. Health & Fitness: Amongst the most boring of my posts will be the ones about how much I weigh, what I've been eating, how much I'm exercising, how I feel, blah blah blah.

4. Vacations & Trips: I always mean to write up detailed accounts of our vacations and excursions, illustrated with plenty of pictures. I rarely get around to it though.

5. Politics & Culture: Occasionally I'll ramble about politics or the state of our culture, or maybe some specific "cultural event" or some current news story. I won't claim to have anything profound to say. I just sometimes feel like putting my thoughts and opinions about stuff into writing.

6. Movie Reviews: Very often I have pretty strong opinions about movies. But I rarely get around to writing them down. I might do so, though. Could happen.

7. Little anecdotes from daily life: Every now and then I experience or witness little events that I feel I simply must share. I'm sorry to say that these are usually very negative -- people being particulary rude or stupid, for example.

8. Dreams: Yeah, sometimes, if I'm able to remember a dream I've had, I'll write about it.

9. Gettin' Stuff Done: Even more boring and repetitive than the "Health and Fitness" posts will be the ones about what sort of stuff I'm gettin' done. I'll write about how I'm making time for reading or yardwork or whatever. Frightfully boring stuff.
10. The Arts: Occasionally I do a little doodling in a sketchbook or a little strumming on a guitar. And, although it's been a very long time, I did at one time try my hand at writing fiction. So the possibility exists that something artistic could at some point find its way into this blog. But don't hold your breath for that.

Well, I think that that's a pretty thourough summary of what I'll be blogging about. That's the sort of stuff that I put in my MySpace blog, anyway. To sum it up and put it in a nutshell: It's stuff of interest to me; much of it probably of interest ONLY to me.

And ... well .... this concludes the first post of my new blog here on Blogspot. Uh ..... blogger? Where am I?

Monday, January 17th, 2011