Monday, December 19, 2011

I'm a sorry excuse for a blogger, eh?

Yes, I have allowed a full eleven months to pass since I posted "the first post of my new blog". I really ought to have written at least a couple of posts since then. For example, back in June I should've posted something about the death of Maria Gomes Valentim. She was born on July 9th of the year 1896, and between November 4th of 2010 and her death at the age of 114 on June 21st of this year she held the title of  "Oldest Person on Earth".  Naturally, upon her death the new OPOE was immediately crowned, and that person is the still-current OPOE  Bessie Cooper, who was born on the 26th of August in  1896, just a few weeks later than Maria. 

In addition to promising to blog about the OPOE's, I also promised to report about any earthquakes that I experienced. Well, I am very pleased to be able to report that I haven't felt anything all year. Lots of big quakes around the world have been making news, but here in SoCal it remains pretty quiet.

I also mentioned in my first post that I sometimes do a little doodling in a sketchbook and also strum the guitar a bit. Well, over the past eleven months I have indeed been doing some of both. Well ...... actually I haven't touched the sketchbook. I have instead switched to "drawing" on the computer. It's nothing fancy or impressive. Just using the rudimentary program "Paint". Drawing with the mouse. I've been posting a lot of my "art" on Facebook. I suppose I could've posted some of it here as well. Most of what I've come up with have been crudely drawn comic strips featuring a couple of young women sitting in a coffee house, drinking lattes, surfing the internet and discussing current events such as the Congressman Weiner scandal and the conviction of Dr. Conrad Murray (Michael Jackson's physician). None of it has been particularly insightful or clever or even funny, but I'm entertaining myself with 'em, and also deriving an enormous amount of satisfaction from being creative on a regular basis.

So perhaps I'll start posting some of that on here in 2012. Or maybe I should start a new blog -- maybe one just especially for that comic strip about the two coffee drinking 'net surfers. Or maybe ---- just maybe ---- I shall again forget about blogging of any kind for another eleven months or more. I know not. We shall see.

Monday, December 19th, 2011