Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Letterman's second to last show (Tuesday, May 19th, 2015)

Okay, the second to last episode of Letterman's show was a great hour of television. That's my opinion anyway, but then I'm feeling mighty sentimental and nostalgic and am also a big fan of both Bill Murray and Bob Dylan.

Murray has always put a lot into his Letterman appearances. He's a funny, funny guy. But then I hardly need to inform the interweb of that fact, huh? Dylan's performance of "The Night We Called it a Day" (appropriate sentiment, eh?) was positively epic. And Dave didn't inject any obnoxious and condescending political perspective into the comedy, so that was obviously another huge plus.

Like I said above, I thought it was a great hour of TV and I really enjoyed it, but then I should probably amend that opinion with the disclosure that I rarely watch any TV any more, except for the news, and some programming aimed at very young children, and occasionally (though not anywhere near often enough) some of my old fav's that I have in my oh-so-slowly-growing DVD collection, such as for example the classic comedies of Laurel & Hardy on the DVD set "Laurel & Hardy: The Essential Collection", which I purchased a few years ago. A Google search leads me to believe that it was released in 2011. I was going to guess more recently. Maybe it had been out a couple years before I got it? I thought I got it pretty soon after it was released. Maybe not. I really need to get my hands on the DVD of the Python reunion. But I digress.

One more episode of "Late Night" to go. 

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